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Expectant moms and dads have so many questions. What tests should I have? Am I eating right? How do I prepare for when the baby arrives?

Relax! We are here to answer all your questions and help you enjoy your impending parenthood. Let us help you plan for your baby’s first few weeks while we work together to create a plan the lifelong health and safety of your child.


As you prepare for your child’s birth, it’s important to make every effort to maintain your health. You want to consider recommended vaccinations for flu and Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis) for you and all members of your family.

Cornerstone Pediatrics allows you to schedule an appointment to meet your future pediatrician during a prenatal visit. While not required, a prenatal visit gives you a chance to ask questions, voice concerns, and establish a schedule for your child’s care during their first months after birth. Once you choose Cornerstone Pediatrics, we make every effort to ensure your first appointments are informative and worry-free.


Oh, those first few hours of bliss! The first touch. First kiss. First breath. Those first moments with your baby will be some of the most amazing moments of your life, but it can also be very stressful. Though you and your baby will receive a follow-up examination at the hospital within the first few days after being discharged, you may also contact us at any time with questions or concerns. We will first meet your baby one to two weeks after birth, when we begin the first of a series of recommended checkups that occur every three months during your child’s first year. During those examinations, we will review your child’s growth, including weight and height, and check for any potential areas of concern. Your child will also begin a series of recommended immunizations.

Whether it’s establishing sleep schedules or understanding newborn screening tests, we’re here to help. We will guide you through those first few months and provide your child with all the support and care necessary to make sure they don’t just survive, but thrive.


Our physicians have privileges at The Providence Hospitals West & East, Providence Memorial, Las Palmas, Del Sol and Sierra Hospitals. If you are having your newborn at the facilities above, or any other facility in town, and would like to choose Dr. Akin of Cornerstone Pediatrics as your pediatrician, please call our office for more information.


At Cornerstone Pediatrics, we strive to create a warm, safe and friendly environment for our patients and their families. From the moment you step through our door, you will be treated with kindness and professionalism.

Throughout our entire intake and examination process, we make sure to answer questions, provide information, and calm any fears or concerns. We strive to foster strong relationships with our patients and their families because to us, your child isn’t just a name on a chart, they are part of the Cornerstone Pediatrics family.
During your initial prenatal visit, we begin by getting to know the parents. We answer any questions you have, and provide you with information on what you can anticipate after your child is born. We also work with you to set up a regular appointment schedule so that we can help your baby thrive.


As your child grows, well-child checkups will become the first line of defense. From pre-pubescence to the teen years, your pediatrician will monitor growth and development, provide recommending screenings and immunizations, and supply expert guidance and the latest health information.


To help us spend more time with your child, and less time tracking down paperwork or readjusting appointments, we ask that you plan ahead and schedule routine examinations in advance. Please have all your insurance paperwork available, along with immunization records, digital records, and your insurance card and photo identification. You can also find our intake forms on our website, or print them out via the patient portal.

A note about insurance: While insurance and Medicaid generally cover routine well-child checkups, having up to date information on your coverage will help us manage any unexpected charges, changes in co-pays or other issues.

Finally, promptness is appreciated! The doctor and his team make every effort to see all patients on time, with minimal waiting. To ensure our office runs smoothly, and that everyone gets enough time with their caregiver, we ask that you arrive at your designated appointment time, or notify us as soon as possible if you are late or unable to honor your appointment. 


Call us anytime during regular office hours at 915-821-5900 to discuss your child, ask questions, or schedule an appointment. You may also access your records, print out forms and schedule appoints via our Patient Web Portal.

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